About Us

We are a team of animal rights activist, with a background in media and marketing. After seeing all the negative things that we are doing to animals every day, we decided to quit our jobs, leave the money behind, and start doing something useful for animals. Animals are suffering every day, millions of them are killed every day, and we couldn’t just sit and cry and sign petitions. So we started Happier Animals, a media organization, and a soon-to-be sanctuary. We plan to use our expertise in media, to educate everyone about animals. This is a non-profit organization and we’re dedicating our lives to the well-being and happiness of animals, from farm animals in The US, to wildlife in Africa.

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We have traveled around the world and we are aware of all the cruelty and inhumanity that “HUMANS” are doing to the most emotional and pure-heart beings in our planet. It’s a shame that we still eat meat, we test on animals, we use their skins, we watch them in circus and Seaworld, we grind or gas the male chicks, and we deprive them of having a life, full of life.