What Not To Do When Traveling

What’s fun for tourists sometimes isn’t fun for animals, at all. Such as riding elephants, tigers selfies, swimming with dolphins. Animals are stolen from their natural habitat and their families, drugged in order to take pictures, beaten and broken so they’ll tolerate a human on their back…etc. We wish people would stop and think, really think about what they’re supporting when they do these things.

Please do not support activities or events that exploit animals. This includes circuses, zoos, aquariums, and theme parks. Taking selfies with tigers and big cats is a big no! Cuddling with (baby) monkeys in Asian countries is a NO. Another example is carriage horse rides in New York, Charleston and many other countries where the horses collapse and die from overheating & exhaustion. Donkey rides in Greece is another example.

Leave these precious animals alone!! They’re not here for our entertainment! They’re here for us to love and appreciate. As many of you have said: “If you need animals to entertain you, we’re very sad for you!”